The Amazing Faberge Eggs!

Fabergé eggs are known all around the world, and they are seen as a symbol of luxury, power, and incredible craftsmanship. The 50 biggest and most famous are called theImperial Fabergé eggs, and have belonged to some of the most significant people in the last century. They were originally gifts to the Tsar and Tsarinas of Russia, but have later beenspread all around the world.

It all started in 1885 when the russian jewellery firm “House of Fabergé” made an Easter present to the wife of the Tsar, Empress Maria Fedorovna. She was so delighted with the gift that the head of the house, Peter Carl Fabergé was made responsible for providing the Tsar family with one (sometimes two) every easter. Every egg had its unique theme, and there were little (valuable) surprises inside the eggs. This went on every year until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, when the communists took over power and executed the royal family. There are thousands of ordinary Fabergé eggs, but it is the Imperial eggs that are the most valuable, and they are among the most famous and popular art and jewelry artifacts in the world. The house of Fabergé made some exceptions for a few notable clients, and provided therussian Kelch family, the swedish Nobel family, and the banking family Rotchild with eggsequally as luxurious as the tsars.

Peter Carl Fabergé working on his world-famous jewelry

42 of the 50 Imperial eggs are intact today, and they are scattered all around the world. The Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg  is the biggest private owner with 9 eggs, while the Kremlin Armoury museum in Moscow has 10. Others are spread out among various museums and private collectors, with some of the most famous being the British Royal Family, Prince Albert of Monaco  and The State of Qatar. The most expensive Fabergé eggever sold was the so-called “Rotchild Egg” that went for 9 million dollars in 2007 at an auction held by Christie’s. Here are some of the masterful eggs made for the Tsar and noble families, but you can see them all right here.