Natural Treatments For Depression

Unfortunately most people suffering from depression take drugs and put up with side effects and do not even know that there are natural non evasive treatments out there that have little to no side effects. Why people may not know is that modern allopathic relys heavily on drugs and due to the fact that most alternative medicine is rarely subsidized by governments people will never seek them out due to the extra expense.

There are many different natural treatments for depression ranging through homeopatic, Chinese medicine and herbalism. How effective a treatment will be depends on the individual there are also a lot of things that you are exposed to on a daily basis that could be affecting or even causing your condition! Read below to discover a list of treatments that could literally change your life;


A healthy body equals a healthy mind and vice versa so in order to be remain happy you need to understand that processed food is not your friend and at least 30 minutes of exercise every day is going to be quite beneficial to you. Things you want to stay away from are mercury not only is it a carcinogen it can cause someone to become a manic depressant. A naturopath can do tests to determine the amount of mercury present in your body.

Where you will find mercury is in the fillings in your teeth, yes believe it or not fillings contain mercury which will leach into your mouth and in to your blood stream altering the chemical structure of your brain. Vaccines also contain the deadly poison so lowering the amount of vaccines you get will help you in your mental health. Another source for mercury is canned tuna due to pollution in the ocean so the first step is to check if any of the above is present in you and make steps toward eliminating mercury from your body.

You can increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acid the most known about method for increasing your intake of omega 3 is fish oil tablets and some less known about supplements include chia seeds and hemp seed products. When taking omega oils you want to keep it in a ratio 1:2:1 with omega 3,6 and 9 oils. The modern western diet is out of balance when it comes to fatty acids, this could explain the rise in cases of depression. The best supplements to take when considering  correcting your balance is hemp seed products first due to the almost perfect ratio of fatty acids then chia seeds second. Chia seeeds are also extremely high in  antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! Ginko Biloba is also beneficial…

St johns wort has also been proven to  be effective when treating depression but you must be careful if you are going to take that in conjunction with other medications as it has been known to interfere with them, consult your healthcare professional if you are going to take st  johns wart with other medications.

Chinese Medicine

When most people will think of Chinese medicine they think what a bunch of mumbo jumbo but recent scientific study’s have shown that there is a bit more to it then what most would have realized.Chinese differs from modern day medicine with its holistic (seeing something as a whole) approach which could explain why some would think of it as nonsense.  The treatments include a healthy diet acupuncture (please do not try this at home) acupressure and traditional Chinese herbs. These herbs include; Bai Shao (white peony), Zhi Zi (Cape Jasmine fruit), Dang Gui (Chinese angelica root), Xiang fu (nut grass rhizome), Fuling (poria),Gan Cao (Liquorice) and many others. The herbs or treatment used will depend on the Chinese doctors diagnosis. The advantage of Chinese medicine is that it is all natural and there will be fewer and less side effects.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic medicine is another less understood form of healing that alot of people don’t quite believe in but a quick search on line will yield multiple results backing its credibility. Like Chinese treatments it also can be effective for anxiety. The list of treatments are but not limited to; Ignatia, Natrum mur, Sepia, Lachesis and Pulsatilla. You will need to consult a registered Homeopathic doctor to consider which treatment is best for your needs. Homeopathic medicine can also be used in conjunction with medications.

To summarize natural treatments are better for you in the long run and do not have as many and as extreme side effects. Prescription medicine should only be used as a last resort and the sad truth is that pharmaceutical companies are privately owned and are only interested in making profits. Follow up with what you have read in this article and you could effectively treat and perhaps even avoid your blues…