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Top Signs and Symptoms That Clearly Indicate Low Testosterone Levels In Men

When it comes to males, knowing some common signs of low levels of testosterone is essential to ensure proper health and wellness. Testosterone is basically a male hormone that is responsible to offer secondary sex characteristics.

It is normally produced in the testis or testicles. It is often referred as natural steroid hormone. Generally, higher levels of this hormone and low mch levels are found in the adolescent males as they progresses towards manhood and its levels peak at around 40 years. However, after that, the levels of testosterone tend to drop with the normal process of aging.

Top Signs that shows you have low Testosterone in your body

It is rather important to know the difference between signs and symptoms. Basically, a sign is something that can be visualized by you, the doctor, or anyone else and can be actually touched, smelled, or seen. On the other hand, symptoms are generally something that is felt by the patients or complained about.

The deficiency of this hormone can affect essential hormonal levels of other glands too. So, while going through some symptoms and signs of low testosterone, you should resist the urge to self-medicate or self-diagnose.

Once you feel that something or other is not proper with normal body functions, physical issues, or mood, then you should plan a visit with your family doctor or any healthcare professional. Moreover, along with a general physical exam, a blood test can also greatly contribute in conveying your health condition.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone levels

There are a number of symptoms that indicate low testosterone in men. Some of the major ones are as follows.

  • Reduced libido
  • Decrease in the muscle mass
  • Moodiness
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased energy
  • Loss of body hair
  • Reduced bone mass that may lead to osteoporosis
  • Reduced self esteem

The above are just some of the common side effects and symptoms of low levels of testosterone in men. However, not everyone may experience the same symptoms and signs as others.

Some of the common health factors such as weight, age, health status, and general fitness will also have a great impact on the low testosterone symptoms in men. Getting a definite diagnosis with the help of a blood test can help you know the symptoms clearly.

Cloudy urine and Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to cloudy urine, but not common.

Drink less water

Dehydration is also responsible for cloudy urine. People always get relatively dehydrated from sleeping at night due to drinking less water, so that the concentration of substances in urine goes up to saturation, and then they will be precipitated.

Thus, precipitation of salts in the urine causes urine cloudy, that’s one of the main causes for cloudy urine, and is harmless most of the time.

And also, the urine color is deepened to deep yellow urine or dark-brown urine. That looks like a tea-colored urine.

This is a normal phenomenon about this cloudy urine and its color due to dehydration at night. In other words, as long as you drink enough water, your urine will be changed back to clear and colorless, light yellow or amber urine.

Water loss

Water loss of the body to cause your urine to become cloudy is often due to the sweating or while exercising. This also depletes water level in your body to result in dehydration.

Drink more water can prevent or correct your dehydration, and your urine will be clear and light colored, instead of the dark and cloudy urine. If your cloudy urine still doesn’t go away, see your doctor ASAP.

What is Itchy skin no rash

Itchy skin rash is a kind of feeling on certain part of body. It is the feeling of itching which can be either low intensity or high intensity as well. It is very unusual because the conditions and spots of this itching are very different than other traditional itching. As we know that most itching problems increase by touching and spreading over whole body. The spots of this feeling are obvious, as they only are felt in between the shoulder and forearm. The intensity can be as much as tending the victim to lead himself scratching and ultimately bleed as well. The thing is that the victim does not feel pain about the wound.

Even though there is no established cause of the itching of this type, yet there are few hypothesis related to this. One would expect from medical science that this has taken scientists to do some experiments with medicines to find out the exact reason. There are different theories related to the cause of this itching. Often scientist refers the cause to some sort of neuropathy related disease. People are often tried to the treatment of these related medicines, yet with less effect. The best effort is found as the use of ice and other related items to suppress it.

The nervous system of our body is often given the credit for its arising point. It is said that the spinal cord makes it happen and it is usually caused by the extensive exposure to the harming rays of the sunlight. And this is the reason that the treatment therapy includes the use of such medicine supporting carnival problems. The controversy regarding the cause of this problem has lead to several treatments, which sometime also lead to side effects as well. So, it is important that you take precautionary measures before taking any medicine regarding itchy skin no rash problems.

As already stated the difference in opinion regarding the cause of this itching rash has lead to many side effects as well, so it is good practice to take conventional treatment tips. For example if you want to take good result of this disease then it is better to apply ice over the skin. This makes the skin to soothe a bit while giving rest to skin. For better treatment and understanding of the disease it is better not to scratch it again and again and consult your doctor immediately. In this way you can get better healed with the disease giving you less damage.