Putin’s Secret Fortune!

Although the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has an official salary of 100 000 dollars, it is obvious to everyone that his real net worth is a whole lot more than the average businessman. Here is a look at the secret fortune of Russia’s Iron Man, and some of theluxuries and privileges he enjoys. 

The luxurious lifestyle of Vladimir Putin, is enough to impress even the richest of Middle Eastern Oil Sheiks. The Russian President has roof over his head all over the world, ranging from villas, resorts and even castles. When it comes to transportation he is able to maneuverby air, land and sea. To make sure he looks the part, he has the most expensive suits, jewelry and watches that money can buy. Millions of dollars are also placed in offshoreaccounts around the globe, so his retirement should be just as splendid. Not shabby indeed, but I guess that’s the way it is when you are Top Dog at the Kremlin.

A place to chill at Lake Valdai for the President

Putin has 20 extravagant residences just in Russia. His castle in Gelendzhik near the Black Sea for example is worth a staggering billion dollars. On Lake Valdai he possesses a home on one of the islands that has its own cinema, restaurants and bowling alley. To help him move around, Putin has a fleet of 43 airplanes, 15 helicopters and 3 yachts. One of them isRussia’s version of “Air Force One” called “IL 96-300PU” that cost 18 million dollars just to furnish, and it contains a bedroom, office, jacuzzi, cinema and a gym!

Inside Putin’s Presidential Plane

Owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovitch, is among his generous friends, donating a 57 meter long yacht, worth 50 million dollars, to his fellow countryman. Vladimir’s bullettproof Mecedez Benz s600 Guard Pullman also gets the job done, so he shouldn’t be too uncomfortable while cruising around in it. The 11 luxury watches in Putin’s possession also tell us of a guy that earns more than 100 000 dollars. His handmadeA.Lange and Søhne Tourboraph Pour le Merite is worth half a million $ alone. The modern Tsar’s 5 Blancpain watches (his favourite brand) are also not the cheapest in the store : ). Putin’s secret fortune is not so secret at all, but I doubt his lifestyle hurts his image severely. According to many, he just lives the life that someone who is the Boss in Russia should live…