Lance Armstrong Doesn’t Care!

Lance Armstrong hypocrite and pompous a#s ! So much for him defending his honor and integrity but the moment Tyler Hamilton’s subpoenaed testimony and affidavit laid bare everything the team had done this fu##ing a#shole (Armstrong) didn’t have a leg to stand on . His former team manager Johan Bruyneel has been suspended three times by his own national cycling federation in the past eight years , for a number violations . Yet here in the US , I’ve read so much bull#hit written by individuals who not one goddamn clue about the sport of cycling , let alone who has jurisdiction over the sport at their national level and internationally . Anally retentive individual morons , to my mind ! .

To me he is the biggest cheater in sports history. And still he doesn’t want to come clean!

Armstrong will come clean the day they have reusable female hygiene products (tampons) for women .

Armstrong has lost A LOT of fans in the last weeks. I remember the exciting Tour De France’s of the 90′s, but it turned out it was all a scam!